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The Liebster Award

Hello all,
Lola, over on her blog, nominated me for the Liebster Award, a thing for bloggers with less than 100 followers and considering that it’s been a pretty slow news week with me (apart from me being quite sick with a probable chest infection), I decided to give it a go. It also seemed like a lot of fun and an interesting way for you peeps to find out some stuff about me that you may not have known before. So, let’s go.

11 Facts About Me
1.       I used to do karate, which I sucked at and stopped after a month. Then, I ended up doing scouts for over a year which I hated and quit when I started high school.
2.       I am THE biggest film nerd. Name any film and I’ve probably heard of it, seen it and have formed a critical opinion of it. If not, then by the next time I see you, I’ll be something of an expert about.
3.       I have a weird thing about ribs. Don’t know what it is, they just freak me out.
4.       I used to go to hospital a lot when I was in primary school because I injured myself in the most stupid ways.
5.       I am currently editing my first novel, which causes my opinion of my writing to this is so awesome, I’m going to be famous to oh god, what have I done with my life.
6.       I have an odd 80s obsession. I love all the music and the movies and the colour and the obsession with greed. It’s such a contradictory decade, but one that I adore.
7.       I am only now watching The Avengers and X-Men films. I must say, I’m liking X-Men better because it criticises a lot of the patriotism that The Avengers plays into.
8.       I am mostly defined by my obsession with Doctor Who which makes me feel slightly guilty that I haven’t watched an episode of it in over four months and haven’t been truly obsessed with it since last November. I’m sure I’ll come back to it though. It’s my one true television love.
9.       I am currently quite sick, so can’t be bothered doing anything much. My boyfriend gave it to me, because like I always say, sharing is caring.
10.    Talking of my boyfriend, to celebrate our two-month anniversary over the weekend, I came to his and he came to mine.
11.    Miley Cyrus’ ‘Wrecking Ball’ is one of the most played songs in my music library, having been played 71 times. The track played the most times, by the way, is ‘The Girl in Byakkoya - White Tiger Field’ by Susumu Hirasawa from the film Paprika which I’ve heard a whopping 155 times. That means I’ve spent 11 hours of my life listening to it. That was time well-spent.

11 Questions
1.       What is your least favourite book genre?
I’ve never had a liking for the crime genre, because of the way it glorifies criminal behaviour. It also seems to be less engagingly written than other genres, having more of a pulpy style.
2.       What is your least favourite colour?
Yellow. So bright and it’s the worst colour to use when text is involved. Also, there are some shades that look like baby poo. No, thank you.
3.       Pick one character (from anywhere; book, TV, movie, etc.) for each of these: snog, marry, avoid.
I’d snog Makoto from Free (he’s super hot), marry Blaine from Glee (cause he’s quite sweet) and avoid Tony Stark from Iron Man (okay, he seems nice but I would quickly grow annoyed of him I think).
4.       Your favourite television program from childhood?
Oh, this is a hard one. Most of the shows from my childhood I still watch (cause they were REALLY good), but if I had to choose one it would have to be Fairly OddParents or Sesame Street. That’s two. Wait, that’s another fact about me. I can’t count.
5.       Was there a character from a kid’s show you were legitimately afraid of?
Well, it’s not really a character but the show Grizzly Tales For Gruesome Kids freaked me out as a child. Was watching some of that the other days and it’s even more disturbing now with characters dying on a regular basis.
6.       What fruit do you consume most frequently?
Apples, particularly the pink lady (cause they’re the sweetest). The granny smith ones I can handle, but I hate the Royal Gala ones.
7.       Would you rather be able to do a backflip or stand on your head?
Backflip, cause it would be awesome. And increase flexibility.
8.       Can you do a backflip or stand on your head?
Well, not exactly. I can do a half hand-stand. That has to count for something right?
9.       What style(s) of dance have you had lessons for? (They don’t have to have been serious lessons)
I’ve never taken proper dance lessons, but my friends have taught me how to do the Rocky Horror dance, the Nutbush and the Macarena. Of those, I would probably still fail the last two. Cause I can’t dance.
10.    Which of your own characters are you most proud of having created?
Cameron, the second main character in my novel series. He was the first character I came up with and has just grown along with me and my writing. His arc is also the most depressing thing ever, but it’s always fun to pile on the sadness. That said, because I like this character so much, when I do make him really depressed, it generally tends to make me upset to. Ah, writer problems.
11.    Would you rather live in Westeros and the Free Cities, Middle Earth or Narnia?
Narnia, because then people wouldn’t be trying to kill me everywhere. Westeros seems really dangerous, even for the ‘little’ people and Middle Earth has a giant spider. Narnia just has a wicked queen (who’s not really all that evil) and a giant Jesus-like lion. What’s not to like?

11 New Questions
1.       What is your favourite animated character?
2.       Have you ever cried over a fictional story (book, film, TV Show, etc.)?
3.       Is there a book or book series that you haven’t read but everyone else has?
4.       If you could live in any other time period, which would you choose?
5.       Is there one thing that just really annoys you for no reason?
6.       What is your favourite song and why?
7.       Coffee or tea?
8.       If you could visit live in any country other than your home one, which one would it be and why?
9.       Have you ever written something which everyone said was exceptional but you hated it?
10.    What is your favourite book aimed at an adult audience?
11.    What is the piece of writing that you most enjoyed doing?

Bloggers Who I Nominate For The Liebster Award
   I don't even know any other bloggers (well, apart from Lola's, but she recommended for the award). That's embarrassing. Anyone know any good bloggers?

   So, there we go. It was fun, but I apologise for this being a somewhat lighter entry. To be honest, last week’s entry caused me a lot of pain and brought me into a bit of a depressive episode. I got out of it pretty quickly, thanks to the help of my friends and gorgeous boyfriend, but it and the sickness have left me feeling a little average.
   Next week, however, will be a very special blog post as I farewell the first half of the year, and reflect on the many changes that have happened to me in that time. There will also be a special mid-year round of Not A Sexy Vampire Awards and a special guest appearance by two commentators… It’s something I’ve been looking forward to doing for a while and I can’t wait to see you all then.

Things I Learnt While Dating #7
A watch can be the most perfect metaphor.

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  1. Hey, hey, remember that time we were dancing the Time Warp in my room and when it said 'It's just a jump to the left' we both jumped right and immediately lost our shit laughing at our epic failingness? That was a good night :)

    Yay, thanks for letting me nominate you! :D Hope you recover from your sickliness soon!