Wednesday, 10 April 2013

The Doctor Who Marathon: Viewing Order

Earthshock (D5, TV)
Day Of The Daleks (D3, TV)
Kinda (D5, TV)
Snakedance (D5, TV)
The Awakening (D5, TV)
The King's Demons (D5, TV)
Time And The Rani (D7, TV)
The Waters Of Mars (D10, TV)
The End Of Time (D10, TV)
Planet Of Fire (D5, TV)
The Marian Conspiracy (D6, AUD)
Meglos (D4, TV)
The Face Of Evil (D4, TV)
The Greatest Show In The Galaxy (D7, TV)
The Evil Of The Daleks (D2, TV)
Planet Of Evil (D4, TV)
Winter For The Adept (D5, AUD)
Rose (D9,TV)
The End Of The World (D9, TV)
The Bells Of Saint John (D11, TV)
The Spectre Of Lanyon Moor (D6, AUD)
Full Circle (D4, TV)
The Curse Of Fenric (D7, TV)
Resurrection Of The Daleks (D5, TV)
The Unquiet Dead (D9, TV)
The Rings Of Akhaten (D11, TV)
Planet Of Giants (D1, TV)
The Horns Of Nimon (D4, TV)
An Unearthly Child (D1, TV)
The Seeds Of Death (D2, TV)
The Daleks (D1, TV)
Cold War (D11, TV)
The Edge Of Destruction (D1, TV)
Aliens Of London (D9, TV)
The Movie (D8, TV)
World War Three (D9, TV)
Delta And The Bannermen (D7, TV)
The Apocalypse Element (D6, AUD)
The Mind Robber (D2, TV) 
Timewyrm: Genesys (D7, NOV)
Underworld (D4, TV)
Journey To The Center Of The TARDIS (D11, TV)
The Twin Dilemma (D6, TV) 
Dalek (D9, TV)
The City Of Death (D4, TV)
The Crimson Horror (D11, TV) 
Ten Little Aliens (D1, NOV)
The Creature From The Pit (D4, TV)
The Time Monster (D3, TV)
The Long Game (D9, TV)
Four To Doomsday (D5, TV)
Father's Day (D9, TV)
Vengeance On Varos (D6, TV)
Nightmare In Silver (D11, TV)
Carnival Of Monsters (D3, TV)
Timelash (D6, TV)
Genesis Of The Daleks (D4, TV)
The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances (D9, TV)
Paradise Towers (D7, TV)
The Scorchies (D3, AUD)
Spearhead From Space (D3, TV)
State Of Decay (D4, TV)
The Dominators (D2, TV) 
Warriors' Gate (D4, TV)
Robot (D4, TV)
The Ark In Space (D4, TV)
Last Of The Gaderene (D3, NOV)
Terror Of The Autons (D3, TV)
The Perpetual Bond (D1, AUD)
The Mysterious Planet (D6, TV)
Pyramids Of Mars (D4, TV)
The Claws Of Axos (D3, TV)
Storm Warning (D8, AUD)
The Android Invasion (D4, TV)
Boom Town (D9, TV) 
Colony In Space (D3, TV)
The Daemons (D3, TV)
Bad Wolf/The Parting Of The Ways (D9, TV)
The Brain Of Morbius (D4, TV)
Day Of The Daleks (D3, TV) *
System Shock (D4, NOV)
The Invasion (D2, TV)
Invasion Of The Dinosaurs (D3, TV)
Frontios (D5, TV)
Revelation Of The Daleks (D6, TV)
Death To The Daleks (D3, TV)
The Tomb Of The Cybermen (D2, TV)
The Christmas Invasion (D10, TV)
The Talons Of Weng-Chiang (D4, TV)
New Earth (D10, TV)
Tooth And Claw (D10, TV)
The Mark Of The Rani (D6, TV)
School Reunion (D10, TV)
The Visitation (D5, TV)
The Sontaran Experiment (D4, TV)
The Ark (D1, TV)
The Girl In The Fireplace (D10, TV)
The Ribos Operation (D4, TV)
Shada (D4, TV-ish)
Attack Of The Cybermen (D6, TV)

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