Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Soulvolution Part I

Me again. Recently, I have been reflecting a lot on sexuality and the like and so eventually it was going to have to come to a head. So, last night it did exactly that. Considering issues of Transgenderism and the 'born this way' theory, I was unable to get it out of my head, so it all came out in a very long paragraph in which I basically try to work all manner of things out. I thought it might be interesting for you out there to read and see if anyone agrees with me or I'm just being completely homophobic (which would be weird, being gay myself but hey, it happens). Either way, I just wanted to get this piece of writing out there. Oh, and the title refers to the final part of the theory in which I try to square religion and science. It's Part I because I plan to return to this theory. Maybe.
Okay, I know it's horrible to think this but isn't transgenderism a bit... I don't know. One of the major defences against being gay is that it is a physiological and biological state present from birth, possibly triggered by certain environmental conditions. To take a religious staindpoint, this is the way God made gayu people (we are 'born this way', to use a pop culture sentiment). However, how does transgenderism work within this framework? The major factor within Trans people is that their physical bdy is incorrect and unrepresentative of the true gender of a person's soul. However, this does not fit in with the earlier statement that we are 'born this way' because a Transgendered person can change their physicality to represent their soul. It would, however, suggest that Transgendered people are born with the need to be of the opposite sex. This naturally leads to the question of if a Transgendered person can change their physical appearance to match their true gender, why can't a gay person change to being straight? Surely, if gender can be changed then so can sexuality? Well, no, not really. Looking at it, Transgender sex changes are purely physical and are only representative of the internal truth (that of a woman feeling like she was incorrectly born in a man's body) whereas sexuality is a deeply engrained part of the soul (that of a transgendered person or otherwise). If we go with the 'born this way' theory as a defence (for the gay community) but also as an issue (for the Transgendered community), the only way in which we can square the two is to change 'born this way' to not mean the physical body (which can be wrong as in the case of Transgendered people) but of the internal self: ie; we are born with the soul which has certain aspects that are so deeply engrained that they don't really change during one's lifetime (eg; one's place on the gender and sexuality continuums). However, this raises all manner of questions about the nature of God. If we are to assume that evoltion created humans (via natural selection) then how can we square this with religion anf emotions? Well, what if evolution and science created the physical body while God or some higher power created emotions and the intellect of human beings, the soul?

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